Changarier, Nicolas-Anne-Théodule

   military and political figure
   Born in Autun, Nicolas-Anne-Théodule Changarier joined the personal guard of louis XV III and served in the Spanish Campaign (1823), and then again with distinction over the course of the conquest of Algeria (1830-48), where he was named governor after General cavaignac. Elected to the Constituant Assembly (1848) and named commander of the troops in Paris, he was relieved of his duties by napoléon III because he was an Orléanist, and was proscribed after the coup d'état of December 2, 1851. Returning to France in 1859, he fought in the franco-prussian war (1870-71) with the French army in Metz. Elected to the National Assembly in 1871, he formed a group of royalist deputies who helped to organize the fall of louis adolpheThiers (May 24, 1873). In 1875, Changarier voted against the constitutional laws recognizing the republic.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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